Botox Elite

Botox Elite

Monthly Subscription
Have that fresh look all the time

The effects of Botox wear off at 3 months. For some people it may wear off sooner.
If you wish to have the look of fresh Botox all the time, then this service is for you.
For $220 per month you can receive 8 Full Forehead Comprehensive (3 area) Botox treatments per calendar year.
Stay ahead of those lines. Maintain your desired brow position.

By choosing a monthly subscription:

  • you receive $4000 worth of Botox per year for only $2640 a savings of $1360.  
  • your credit card will be charged $220 at the beginning of the month.
  • you must leave your credit or debit card on file for automatic monthly payments.
  • you receive 8 comprehensive full forehead treatment per year.
  • 1 comprehensive full forehead treatment every 6 weeks.
Look fresh all the time with our Botox Elite program.